This Week's Show - Foot Baths

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Show 1073 Footbaths (4-20-14) This week's topic is Jefferson's way of seeing himself.

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The Thomas Jefferson Hour has been a staple of WHRV's lineup since its inception; we were amongst the first broadcasters to carry the program, and are proud to air Clay's announcements thanking us for being the program's flagship station. With this market's deep history as home to our nation's first region, the Jamestown Colony's founding in 1607, and our Commonwealth's ties to Thomas Jefferson, interest in this program over the years has resulted in a sizeable listener base. We have hosted debates between Thomas Jefferson (Clay Jenkinson) and Alexander Hamilton (Bill Chrystal), and they've been overwhelmingly well-attended by enthusiastic audiences. In addition to our very popular local call-in shows, it's one of our most popular public affairs programs.

Anthony McSpadden, Director of Programming,WHRV, Norfolk, VA

The Thomas Jefferson Hour is a thought provoking way of exploring contemporary issues through the lens of history. Clay Jenkinson brings listeners interesting and thoughtful perspectives in an engaging way.

Joe Moore, Director of Program Content, KVPR Fresno and KPRX Bakersfield, CA

Thomas Jefferson versus Click and Clack?  I have been amazed at how the Thomas Jefferson Hour has performed on our weekends.   The reason the TJ Hour, works is obvious when you listen -- it is Clay Jenkinson:  his on-air warmth and intelligence, the breadth of his knowledge, the concerns toward which he directs the discussion, and his ability to connect with the public radio audience.  The idea of using Thomas Jefferson as framing device gives the discussion a perspective that distinguishes it from the usual public affairs discussion.  It combines actual serious discussion of important, overriding principles with the entertainment of the Thomas Jefferson set-up.  It works.  

Bill Thomas, Director of Radio, Prairie Public, North Dakota

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Lewis & Clark, Prince Maximilian Summer Tour with Clay Jenkinson
August 10-19, 2014                                     
                        Our Lewis and Clark Classic Tour with the addition of
                                  Prince Maximilian and Karl Bodmer
Active holiday through Lewis & Clark's White Cliffs of the Missouri River and Bitterroot Mountains.  Participants must be in good physical shape to participate. 

VAN SUPPORTED: this allows you the option to not partake in some of the activities.  LUXURY CAMPING:  A crew has gone ahead to setup your camp.  Beverages and hors d'oeuvres await your arrival.  All meals are hearty, made from great outdoor recipes and the freshest ingredients. Recreational equipment provided. 

New sleeping bags onsite may be purchased for a small fee or you may bring your own. 

For more information click HERE, or call Becky Cawley at 208-791-8721.

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If you have comments or questions for Mr. Jefferson, click on the above image: "Ask Thomas Jefferson a Question". Also - you can now call the Thomas Jefferson Hour and leave your question for the President on voicemail. Call 701-221-2425.

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